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You are a failed artist who was never good enough to make it in the art world. However, you had an idea to just pretend to be an artist and lie your way to the top. You just managed to get your first exhibition approved. 

The problem: you have no art, no talent, no time. The solution: Just quickly write some prompts and generate your art in this new AI art app called BALL·E 42!

Just... something doesn't seem right with the results you're getting. How will the visitors react?


  • Movement - WASD
  • Rotate Camera - Right Click & Drag
  • Interaction - E
  • Skip in the intro cutscene - delete / q
  • Quit after the menu is only possible with alt + f4


  • Pothencial: Programming
  • GneissKitty: 3D Art
  • Yän: Audio, Writing, 2D Art, UI
  • putti: Writing, 2D Art, UI

Context & Use of AI:

In the spirit of Wowie Jam 4.0's theme "Collaborate With AI", we used AI tools to make aspects of this game.

  • All art images were generated using Craiyon and the results were edited in post using Photoshop.
  • Most music was made with FL Studio and OpenAI Musenet.

Content Warning: Some images may be disturbing for viewers. None of them are meant to be serious or disrespectful. This experience is a satirical commentary on the bias of language use by AI.


Wowie Jam 4.0.zip 64 MB


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Help :-(

I talked to that guy and now I can't move and he won't say anything


very nice! :D


it's funny , I liked the concept