Welcome to Yibo’s Apple Farm!

Tap those Apple Trees for some delicious red apples.

Collect Apples and sell them to hungry and demanding bunnies!  With help from you, an apple-catching spider robot pro, these bunnies will likely be fed in no time!

You might want to get a running start. 

How To Play

  • Hold Shift to Accelerate into trees and knock down apples.
  • Catch the apples in the basket.
  • Left-Click to Sell the apples to Yibo or Yabo.
  • Follow the objective instructions.

Hints and Tips

  • Look for Falling Leaves to know which apple is going to fall.
  • Right-Click Drag to Pan Camera to look downward to better catch the apples.
  • Apples may fall out of your basket.
  • Carrying too many apples may slow you down.
  • You can't pick up apples that fall to the ground.

Controls (Keyboard and Mouse)

  • WASD to Move/Rotate Character
  • Hold Shift to Accelerate
  • Right-Click Drag to Pan Camera
  • Left-Click on Yibo or Yabo to sell apples.

Explore different game modes

  • Collection: Collect number of requested apples.
  • Collection (Timed): Collect number of requested apples in time.
  • Survival: Feed hungry bunnies before they starve!
  • Sandbox: Collect apples for the hungry without the worry of time or starvation.


UI, Gameplay Programming  by  Kyle Meyerhardt

Game Design, Audio, and Art  by  Carly Meyerhardt (GneissKitty)

Font: Modak

This original version of the game was made for Weekly Game Jam #211 (Gravity) within 3 days. 

Source: GitHub - Tapple: A Game About Tapping Trees for Apples


Tapple_WebGL_JamSubmission.zip 16 MB
Tapple_Desktop_v1.1.zip 62 MB

Install instructions

Either play in browser, or download and extract to run executable.

Development log

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